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I am a newcomer to the world of the Internet, sort of. I have been emailing for years and using the Internet for research but as for blogging, and other stuff, I haven't done that. My website is pretty bland. Eventually I'll put in pictures and other graphics when I get the help. I am also an artist so this lackluster site is pretty frustrating for me. I was born and have lived. It all started in Sioux City, Iowa. I am a Baby Boomer and lived in the Midwest until 1970, when my husband and I moved to Southern California. We stayed there for two years and then moved to Omaha, NE for another year before moving to Salem, OR. We've been in Oregon since 1973, and reared our sons here. They both still live in Oregon. I have been reading and writing since I was very young. I love paper, whether for writing or drawing. As a kid, my parents - they met as young artists at a WPA art center - struggled to keep me supplied with drawing paper. My bedroom was awash with drawings and every now and then my mom would insist that I clean them out. I have used pencils, acrylic paint, oil paint, pastel, charcoal. mixed media and so on. I prefer colored pencils but also love to recreate images for collages so I collect pictures of all sorts. I still have lots of paper! I started writing before I could. By that I mean that I scribbled nonsense as a way of writing and then told the story to my mom. The first real story I remember writing was when I was about 9 and I've been writing ever since. Some of the stories I am currently finishing are some I began in my teens and believe me, I am very far removed from that time in terms of years. But time is relative and characters that have come to me in the past are still very much alive in my imagination and continue to "talk" to me. Lest you think I am nuts, I do know the difference between "real" life and those who populate it and the realm of imagination. I may be outside of the norm, a math term originally, by the way, but I am quite sane. People like me. I endeavor to be kind which is not to indicate that I can't hold my own with bullies. But I want to leave behind me a better place, a kinder thought and fewer problems than when I came. Our home is in the country outside of Salem, the capitol of Oregon. The view is of the Cascades, fields and trees. I love to look at the passing clouds, flowers in season, the fall leaves and whatever wildlife passes by. I love to be surrounded by family and friends and to make their experience here as good as possible. My husband, older son and his oldest son currently live here. At one time, my younger son, his wife and their baby, my mother and mother-in-law also lived here. As recently as January 2012, my older son's middle son and his daughter were here, too. The reason for their not being here may well be another book someday but until then it is still too close to write about. I attended the University of Nebraska, Lincoln - Theater major, with minors in English [now it would be Language Arts] and Art - Mt. San Jacinto Community College, San Jacinto, CA, Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR and have have studied New Thought for 30 years, religion, philosophy and whatever else interested me outside of institutionalized learning. I am well-read and continue to educate myself. I see no reason for anyone to stop learning. Reading, researching, digesting and putting into action ideas for living and being a better person are life-long habits for all. That we, in the United States and other developed countries, have the opportunity to do this makes it important to pursue. To leave the thinking to others is shameful when we have the means to learn. Instead of anesthetizing ourselves with mindless activities such as computer games and watching TV, to name a few, we should be relishing the immense resources available not only online but at every turn. We have chosen to allow ourselves and the education of our children to be "dumbed down" while pharmaceutical companies march on diagnosing our behavior and shutting it down with prescription drugs. Okay, now I'm ranting. Self-regulation is an important skill. I am female, 50++, heterosexual with gay friends and many others of all sorts, married for over 40 years, and once ran a church of Religious Science as it was called then. I enjoy gardening, exercising, healthy food, healthy relationships, laughing, volunteering at the local middle school and being kind - what more can I say? Well, I can say much more but that's enough for now. I live and breathe in Oregon.


To those who write comments to my website: Please indicate what you are referring to and write in complete sentences so I can understand your intent. I’m never sure what article or even what site you are commenting on. I would be happy to answer and/or comment on your input, if so addressed. And as […]

Shoals of Time

I am currently working on book three of Amolaja and am on page 126 or so. It goes slowly, I guess. I haven’t got a deadline so it goes as it goes. It’s fun to write. I name my characters and they do stuff: walk, talk, interact with each other, etc. I’m never really in […]

Discontinuity Volume Two of Ambolaja

At the end of the hallway was a large space that seemed open to the outdoors. It took him a moment to realize the glow was a kind of phosphorescence covering the walls. He could see the two women on either side of Jericha’s bed and they appeared insubstantial in the strange light. As he […]

Indicator Species

Indicator Species Do we ask so much, ye Spotted Owls, Ye indicator species? We ask to stay and cut awhile is all, Until the forest is gone. It is renewable. Renewable resource: Once the tree is down, it is no more. The human billions on Earth are a Renewable resource, too. Where there are people […]

Moving Forward…

I have decided that I might as well use this space for my essays and poetry as long as it is available. In fact, I’m surprised I didn’t think of it sooner. I have added an essay today and it is one that will be included in a book of essays. We will be setting […]

What Is My Name?

What Is My Name? It occurs to me more and more that there is not much to separate what we usually call good and evil, or to determine the difference. If it is who we are, then the issue is simple: them and us. If it is what we do, then it becomes more complicated. […]


I was given a chance to opt out of my contract with Publish America for Discontinuity and I accepted it. This means that in October 2012, both of my books will revert to me and I will be at liberty to re-edit and reissue them under my own control. There may still be Discontinuity books […]

Interview and Other news

I was interviewed in September about my books by Dr. Veronica Esagui. You can view it on her website under Author’s Forum, #40. I have gotten very positive feedback from those who have watched it. Some people have even said it made them want to read the second book. And with that in mind, […]

Shoals of Time

The third Ambolaja book is currently under construction. My target date for completion is 2012 – sometime! Not sure where it’s going but as with the other two, I’ll tag along and take notes.


Tuesday September 13, Dr. Veronica Esagui will be interviewing me on CCTV from Oregon City, OR. This will be aired for two weeks in the Portland. I hope to be able to post it on U-tube and on this site – watch for it! Next book event will be at Clackamas Town Square Mall around […]