Books by Amalie Rush Hill

Ambolaja: Into the Light

by Amalie J. Rush Hill


Jericha Miller is quite unprepared for the mysterious light and for what lays on the other side. There, she finds a world where the unexpected is an everyday occurrence, and dreams become reality—a world better and more beautiful than any she could have imagined. The light is a doorway that can take her back in time to a nightmare world or to the people she loves: Mishva and Pem, Joru, the beautiful child Tuli, the Old One and the others she meets in this pristine world. Is she up to the task of helping to save it? Is the greatest threat from invaders or from her lack of understanding? Is it all just a trick or a test of her endurance? Beyond the light, Jericha finds sorrow, wisdom and love, and the adventure of a lifetime.




$20 Direct from the Author, Softcover, 406 pages. (Please consider this option, as 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Author!)

On Amazon Kindle, $12.99


ISBN: 1-943780-00-6
First Edition ISBN: 1-4137-7042-8