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Volume Two of Ambolaja, by Amalie Rush Hill


Jericha and Finneas have lived a fairytale life in present-day Earth. Jericha’s former mother-in-law, Malva, acts as a surrogate grandmother, a “heart relative” to their two daughters. Then as Jericha begins to experience distortions in the fabric of her life, Finneas awakes one morning to discover her gone.

Convinced that Jericha is in the Faraway Place, Finn has to figure out how to summon the light. Mora and Tuli, now teenagers, decide to join their father’s quest. They seek out Mishva and Tulinva, but not even the Old One really understands where Jericha is.

Finn, Tuli and Mora set off on a journey, meeting some odd inhabitants of the Faraway Place. Their trek turns up obstacles and opens portals long closed. Can they even believe their own senses? Will Jericha fulfill her destiny as the Ambolaja?

Jericha, Finn and their daughters discover that no one and nothing is as simple as it seems.



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ISBN: 1-943780-01-3, 551 pages
First Edition ISBN: 1-60813-052-5 (out of print)