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The House on Prune Alley

by Amalie Rush Hill


This is a compilation of poetry that I have written over many years. It contains some ideas and points of view that have distilled in my mind along the way. The poems are my reactions to the world, in one way or another, and for me, is an emotional response to life.

Poetry is one way of helping me to sort through the chaos. Sometimes it’s just a way to express an idea with as few words as possible, or an exercise in form or storytelling. However it presents itself, poetry is language at its most delicate, precise, succinct and fullest. Words are thoughts in action, the physical manifestations of a concept. But as exquisite as they can be, words are only stand-ins for ideas.

Read and enjoy these poems. Bring yourself to the table and take in a measure of your fellow traveler’s fare.





$15, Direct from the Author, Softcover,

ISBN: 1-943780-10-5, First Edition