Books by Amalie Rush Hill


Book two is about to go on kindle – yay!
I’m excited about getting “Shoals of Time” on as well. It will be a month – probably 2 – before that happens as it has taken far longer than I ever guessed to get them formatted. And the editing process is important. I continue to find things to improve but there comes a time to let it go. As parents, we have to allow our children – actual and/or metaphorical – the room to grow wings and fly.

Have a great Christmas, New Year and all Holidays pertinent to this time of year. Each moment lies before us to do great things, learn and grow. Be the best you can be. For everyone, there has been someone who was/is important: spouse, teacher, parent, friend or even a chance encounter. Take that feeling and apply it to each person you meet, not intimately, of course, but lightly, politely and with goodwill. As you reach out to the world, seeing all as the one you most treasure, that love and respect will come back to you multiplied.
Peace be yours!

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