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Three books in Ambolaja Series on kindle

The Shoals of Time is now live on Amazon for kindle download. I am delighted that the third book in the Ambolaja Series is now available.

I am still writing Z’Torr, the fourth book in the series. It will be available sometime within the next year but I can’t say when for sure because I never know how much time it will take. The writing and editing usually take longer than expected.

In the meantime, I am preparing four small books of poetry for publication. They will be ready as soon as I finish the illustrations and cover designs. Poetry books are quite different than novels, in that, one, obviously they are much shorter and two, the editing is more intense. Once a poem is written, all that remains to do is to be sure the meaning is clear and that the words used are the most potent and descriptive. In poetry, the best word can mean the difference between a good poem and an insightful one. Let’s hope that these are the latter.

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