Books by Amalie Rush Hill

For those that have offered help on improving this site’s look and accessibility, thank you, but you may as well be speaking Martian to me. I do not understand tech speak. I am doing this alone and the best I can. Until I get help to improve my site, it will remain ‘hard to find’ and less than spectacular. I am thankful that some people are able to find it and, in the process, are spurred into going to Amazon to look at my books there. I assume, if you are tech savvy, that you have a kindle or other app to buy and download the books. If this piques your interest, great! If you dismiss it because I’m a tech bumbler, I am sorry. If you are willing to check out my books, perhaps you will find something to your liking – they are, after all, SciFi. Thanks for reading this page and I invite you to go beyond your view of life and technology to the places and ideas in my books that are offer other worlds of the imagination.

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