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‘Ambolaja: Into the Light’ and ‘Discontinuity Volume Two of Ambolaja’ have been thoroughly re-edited, rewritten a bit and are now available on Amazon for Kindle. I’m pleased that they are both in a ‘better place’ and more accessible to a wider reading public. It’s still difficult to find them at this time unless you’re looking specifically for them, but we hope to ameliorate that problem soon. I have also made new covers for both books and they are quite distinctive, if I may brag a little.

‘Shoals of Time Volume Three of Ambolaja’ is ready to go as soon as we – and by that I mean my son, Seth – gets it formatted for Kindle. I am making the cover for that at this very moment – well, as soon as I get off the computer anyway!

‘Z’Torr: The Visitors Volume Four of Ambolaja’ will be out next spring. I’m still writing it. There may be more installments of ‘Ambolaja’ someday but for now, until it grabs me again, this is the last book.

It’s been a wonderful experience to go new worlds and watch characters grow and evolve. I have other projects to attend to such as essays, collections of poetry and short stories, as well as a book I started many long years ago. Those characters are calling to me to finish their tale and I’m anxious to do that. And then there is the little story I wrote several years ago based on my youngest grandson’s statement “I’m bored!” which led to a kids’ book that as yet is not illustrated. So, as I am soon to leave the Faraway Place, I have other adventures to explore.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and Happy New Year!

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  1. tony lange

     /  December 22, 2013

    i really look forward to getting the other books in the ambolaja series and hope to run into you again 1 day soon, btw merry x-mas and happy new year. also how are the dog and katz and Janice doing ???? i’ll see if my mom will take me out to see you again after the new year.

    really liked getting ambolaja as a b-day gift…..and will look hard to find my kindle so i can get the rest of them……….


    • Thank you. As you can see, both books are now on Amazon formatted for Kindle. They’re hard to find so just put in my name or Ambolaja. And, at this time, the third book, “Shoals of Time” is being formatted. I can’t tell you when it will be up, but I’m sure it will be sometime in the next month or 6 weeks – it always takes longer than I think it will.
      Jan is doing fine as are the dogs and cats 🙂


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