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Discontinuity follows the unfolding lives of Jericha and her family in the Faraway Place. This is not your “ordinary” fantasy story. I prefer to call it metaphysical fantasy because it’s not about wizards and dragons so much as how to learn to become who you really are. Enjoy it on any of several levels but mostly let it carry you away to strange and wonderful places. Set your watch to relative time, leave this world behind and set sail into the uncharted waters of discovery.

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  1. Upon reading Discontinuity – Volume two of Ambolaja, by Amalie J. Rush Hill, I couldn’t help pondering what would happen if politicians looking for power were to read Discontinuity before getting elected. If you are looking for a writer that knows how to narrate your own personal voyage into a path of light and knowledge, I highly recommend reading Amalie J. Rush Hill’s outstanding metaphysical books, Ambolaja into the Light and her latest book, Discontinuity, Volume two of Ambolaja.

  2. I am trying to update my website so watch for new developments.
    Again, thanks for the comment

  3. I lost my reply – oops! I’ll try again.
    I’d rather not describe people I don’t know as “brain dead” but I get your meaning. I don’t do “social networking” because I’d rather interact with physical people rather than anonymous voices. You’ll have to see my updates here. I am writing my third book and it keeps me busy along with all the other usual things required in life.
    Thanks for the comment and keep watching
    Amalie Hill


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