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For those that have offered help on improving this site’s look and accessibility, thank you, but you may as well be speaking Martian to me. I do not understand tech speak. I am doing this alone and the best I can. Until I get help to improve my site, it will remain ‘hard to find’ […]

still working…

Stay with me as I finish my fourth Ambolaja novel, Z’Torr. I’m near the end, I think, but I never know for sure what’s in store. As I write, what the characters do, say and where they take me is a mystery. I am as much a spectator as any reader as the tale unfolds onto my […]

Three books in Ambolaja Series on kindle

The Shoals of Time is now live on Amazon for kindle download. I am delighted that the third book in the Ambolaja Series is now available. I am still writing Z’Torr, the fourth book in the series. It will be available sometime within the next year but I can’t say when for sure because I never […]

Happy New Year!

“Shoals of Time Volume 3 of Ambolaja” is being formatted and will be available on Amazon in the next month to 6 weeks. I’m still working on the book’s cover but everything is in the chute. To those in the Midwest and east, keep warm and be sure to bundle up before venturing outside. I’m […]


Book two is about to go on kindle – yay! I’m excited about getting “Shoals of Time” on as well. It will be a month – probably 2 – before that happens as it has taken far longer than I ever guessed to get them formatted. And the editing process is important. I continue to […]

Kindle editions

‘Ambolaja: Into the Light’ and ‘Discontinuity Volume Two of Ambolaja’ have been thoroughly re-edited, rewritten a bit and are now available on Amazon for Kindle. I’m pleased that they are both in a ‘better place’ and more accessible to a wider reading public. It’s still difficult to find them at this time unless you’re looking […]

Kindle version

Just a few days ago, Ambolaja: Into the Light went live on Amazon Kindle. This is very exciting because I have been able to edit and tighten it up. Furthermore, I have just sent Discontinuity – after a LOT of editing – to be formatted for release onto kindle next month [10/13]. I am currently […]

The Shoals of Time Volume Three of Ambolaja

I am currently writing the third book in the Ambolaja series, 362 pages and counting. Sometime next year I hope to re-issue Discontinuity and Ambolaja: Into the Light and at the same time launch The Shoals of Time. I’m very excited about having the opportunity to re-edit Discontinuity and Ambolaja and of course finish Shoals […]

4th Annual NW Book Festival

Saturday, July 28, 2012, I will be in Portland, OR at the 4th Annual NW Book Festival at Pioneer Court House Square. There will be 75 authors there and we will be selling and signing our books. One of my favorite things to do is talk to people who are interested in writing, especially young […]


Come see me at the 4th Annual NW Book Festival, Pioneer Court House Square in Portland, OR on Saturday July 28th, from 11 am – 5 pm. There will be many writers attending. I love to talk about reading and writing so be sure to stop by my tent. In August, I’ll be at Bob’s […]