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Shoals of Time

I am currently working on book three of Amolaja and am on page 126 or so. It goes slowly, I guess. I haven’t got a deadline so it goes as it goes. It’s fun to write. I name my characters and they do stuff: walk, talk, interact with each other, etc. I’m never really in charge and I let them do whatever they want. Sometimes I think I know where we’re going but then they [characters] do something I didn’t expect and we’re going in a new direction. That’s what makes it fun. And I love words and paper although I don’t use paper anymore for writing, just for drawing. When I started writing long ago I used paper but that was in the days before computers – yes, there were days before computers. I also love the sound of the clicking of the keyboard – I just do. Read my bio info and you’ll learn more about me.

Thanks for checking in. I can’t communicate without someone to read, listen, watch, etc. I was a theater major in college and I understand the relationship between the actor/writer/artist and the audience.

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