Books by Amalie Rush Hill

First Annual NW Book Festival

Saturday June 27, 2009

10:00 A.M. – 4:00 P. M.

21860 Willamette Drive, West Linn, OR 97068

I will be speaking at 1:00 P.M. Many other writers will also be speaking throughout the day, as well as selling and signing their books. So far there are 30 authors, among them is the West Linn mayor. 

I heard once that Oregon has the highest per capita number of authors of any state in the country. Why that might be, I have no idea, but it’s a testament to our collective creativity and individuality. Even if that little bit of trivia is no longer true, it is a fact that with universal education that many more people are able to express themselves through writing. If this makes more possible masterpieces available or if it only gives more people a voice, it is an interesting phenomena. While most of the works may not be earth shattering additions to the literary world, they are still “out there” for everyone to peruse. In my own experience, I have found that the more you bring to the encounter the more you come away with and the richer it has been for you. It behooves us all to gather as much knowledge as possible in order to winnow the grains from the chaff.

The NW Book Festival will be just such an opportunity to find the grains of wisdom in a new way. There will be many kinds of books from inspirational to poetry to humor, enlightenment and enjoyment. Come and reap the harvest!

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